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Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment. 

I have been practicing commercial photography in Denver since 1995.  Before moving to Colorado, I was working in the Detroit area.  Back in those days, the auto industry was doing pretty good and I got a lot of experience working for the big car studios but my wife and I wanted to try living out west.  We packed up our little cars and moved to the Denver area.  After living in a tent for a month, we found housing and our own niches in the photography world.  That seems like a long time ago, we now have two kids, a dog and a mortgage.

My passion in photography is creating images of people on location.  I love the fast paced challenge of going into different environments and making interesting portraits.  In contrast, I have also come love the slower pace of architectural photography.  There is a different set of challenges and it is more about planning and coming up with a clear strategy. 

Thanks again for visiting, come back often and hopefully I will be faithful to the true spirit of the blog and have interesting images and words to share.  Cheers, Paul Wedlake

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While driving into the the mountains, I recently listened to a story on NPR about Nicole Ingui Davies who just got named the 2016 National Librarian of the Year. This was the first time a Colorado librarian received the award. I felt really lucky when Library Journal contacted me to shoot a cover and a handful of other images for an article about Nicole and the Arapahoe Public Library system. Nicole was an awesome subject and the two libraries that we shot in were beautiful. Drop into one next time you need to use a recording studio or need a 3D printer.






Happy Holidays!!!

Holiday wishes, tiny planet

From Super Lawyers to Super Kids

Goats, sheep, bikes, tents, gym equipment and a few kiddos.  This assignment was a blast.  I traveled around the northern suburbs of Denver photographing kids that have really fun and interesting hobbies for Yellowscene Magazine.  Here’s a link to the online article… Super Kids.   This assignment and a quote that my wife put up on the blackboard in our dining room from Ferris Bueller “Life goes by pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around, you just might miss it.” is a great reminder for me and my own family to get out and have an adventure.

Yellow Scene cover

Click on an image to see it full size…

Colorado Super Lawyers

Photographing attorneys has been the main staple of my business for the last few year.  I seldom photograph them for editorial purposes though.  Colorado Super Lawyers gave me the opportunity to photograph Pamela Robillard Mackey (Kobe Bryant’s lawyer), Heidi Storz and John Moye.

Attorney photo shootPamela Mackey photo denverdenver based editorial photography

John Moye of Moye White photo for Colorado Super Lawyers




Why don’t I photograph sporting events – because of this guy….